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Experience unparalleled mail protection with Mail Boss mailboxes, the ultimate security solution for discerning homeowners. Boasting heavy-duty construction, innovative locking mechanisms, and resistance to prying and fishing, these mailboxes come in various styles such as wall-mounted, post-mounted, and package-friendly options. Combining top-notch security, lasting durability, and contemporary style, Mail Boss mailboxes feature sturdy, weather-resistant finishes that seamlessly blend with any home exterior, ensuring your mailbox remains both secure and visually appealing for years to come.

    12 products
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    Mailboss Mailbox Buyer's Guide

    Mailboss Mailboxes are known for making durable security mailboxes.

    They offer a wide variety of residential locking mailboxes designed with anti-pry latch locks to keep your valuable deliveries safe. They have made innovations in mailbox security and technology. This includes operating technology, materials, size, and price/value. The USPS approves all Mailboss Mailboxes.

    Mailboss offers many options to choose from in mailbox types:


    Curbside mailboxes are post mounted. Mailboss offers steel mounting posts. They also offer hardware that can be attached to a pre-existing wood post. Curbside mailboxes come in a variety of sizes to fit your needs. All models have a durable powder coat finish available in many colors to accentuate your home or office. Here are some popular Mailboss curbside options:

    • The Mail Manager is the smallest of the curbside boxes. Mail Manager is the most common and affordable curbside option. Most homeowners invest in this mailbox for typical home use, including letters and envelopes.
    • The Mail Boss is the bigger version of the Mail manager. It fits small-size packages and will hold more mail if you travel or are out of town often. Included with the Mail Boss is a fast track mounting plate.
    • The Package Master has an extra-large jumbo capacity. It is an excellent option great for commercial applications or residential homes. With the most capacity, this option is great for a family with lots of mail volume and who receives many packages. For office buildings, security is what matters the most. With "Mail Shield" technology and the anti-pry lock system, your mail will be safe.

    Wall Mounted

    Wall Mounted mailboxes are ideal for small spaces, apartments, or townhomes. With a low profile, they fit easily near your front door. Wall Mounted mailboxes can give a vintage look to a home and are convenient for townhomes. Here are some popular wall-mounted options:

    • The Mailboss Metro is a more contemporary style wall mounted mailbox. It has a Fast-Trak mounting bracket on the back for easy installation. Including the patented anti-pry latch and durable powder coat finish, you get a lot for your money with this product.
    • The Mail Boss Townhouse has the same great features as the Metro with a more classic and traditional look. The Mail Boss is the most expensive of the wall-mounted versions.
    • The Mail Boss Epoch is most suited for office, business, and commercial purposes. Mailboss has The Epoch version after a more typical dropbox you often see in commercial settings. It is designed to keep payments, interoffice mail, key drop off, and other business transactions safe and secure.


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